Commercial Products

Prestige pays close attention to your needs with each interaction. We have the passion, expertise and infrastructure to continually deliver an exceptional client experience with every project.
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Access Control
Prestige crafts systems that provide the control and information you need to operate safely & efficiently; regardless of size business.

Examples of electronic access control we can seamlessly implement:

  • Connector.

    Tight integration with intrusion, fire/life safety and CCTV (surveillance) systems

  • Connector.

    Smart card or biometric readers that end issuing physical keys and re-keying locks

  • Connector.

    Secure cloud-based solutions for data control & management

Audio & VIdeo
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We scale technical products and services to any need in any industry. Prestige develops solutions that simplifies AV system control, sets ambiance through entertainment systems, and/or enables colleagues, customers, and vendors to work together through cloud-based audio & video collaboration.

We partner with the most innovative communication providers, ensuring our clients have access to the most advanced, secure & effective collaboration products for but not limited to:

Boardrooms & Conference Rooms
Sports Outlets
Performing Arts Centers

Fire Systems
Fire protection you can count on!

Unlike many service providers, Prestige gives you a choice of non-proprietary fire equipment manufactured by top-notch brands. Doing this allows us to deliver a simple to use system with a robust service experience. Our certified fire technical team will develop the best protection solution for your property and meticulously implement it while always being mindful of your budget. Count on Prestige for these fire protection services:

Systems Design
Plan Submissions
Testing & Inspection
Maintenance Services
Central Station Monitoring
Sprinkler System Monitoring
Code Approval

Lighting Control
One of the easiest ways your business can save money is to simply turn the lights off when not in use.

Prestige Services offers two smart options; hardwired and wireless solutions that range from dimming and occupancy sensing to distributed lighting control strategies for any commercial environment.

These lighting control solutions optimize energy use which in turn, reduces you monthly energy expense. Let us help you determine which solution is best for your business and allows you to be eco-friendly and save money simultaneously!

Keep an eye on your business even when you personally cannot!

Large-scale businesses are not the only businesses that should implement CCTV camera systems. More often than not, small business owners are criminally violated; especially businesses in high crime areas. Surveillance systems can be designed to suit any budget, offer a vast array of features and can lower your business insurance cost.

Prestige Services understands the need to reduce risk, comply with regulatory policies and safeguard employees and valuable assets. Through high-tech defense systems, Prestige Services is able to shield your company from criminal threat with “intuitive” technology that detects and neutralizes a threat before damage or theft occurs or worse; someone gets hurt!